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  • Why Heart Disease Is the #1 Killer in America

    February is American Heart Month , and a good time to look at your own heart health. Why? Because the number one cause of death in Americans is not cancer, lung disease, accidents, or Alzheimer’s disease: It’s heart disease. It’s a so-called silent killer, because many who have it are completely unaware. Also called cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) disease, heart disease isn’t just a ...
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  • Am I Allowed to Skip the Scale at the Doctor’s Office?

    For many, the biggest fear of seeing your doctor is stepping on the scale and having their weight announced. Research shows this fear can be so intense that many would-be patients will forego seeing their doctor altogether because they don’t want to be weighed. Because of this, patients may skip important health screenings, such as mammograms, prostate exams, pap tests, or colonoscopies. This, ...
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  • How to Cope with COVID-19 Quarantine Fatigue

    As the COVID-19 pandemic has led to coming up on a year of quarantine and strict social distancing guidelines, it’s normal for people to hit a wall from the physical and emotional toll of what has been coined “quarantine fatigue.” Many feel a growing sense of a lack of personal productivity, repetitive days and nights, and a loss of enjoyment of the things they once enjoyed with the variety of ...
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  • Daily Things to Keep Your Kids Healthy

    Your child isn’t going to think too much about their health, so it’s up to you to look after it for them. By implementing healthy habits into their daily routine, you’ll make it easier for your children to live well and carry those habits into adulthood. Keep These Tips in Mind Keeping your kids healthy doesn’t have to take a lot of time out of your day. There are many small things you can do that ...
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  • Daily Things to Improve Your Health

    Staying healthy requires daily effort. Living a healthy day-to-day life isn’t difficult, all you have to do is incorporate new habits into your life. The longer you stick with a daily routine, the easier it will become. You will have to keep yourself to a schedule as you start a new health plan, but as time goes on these habits will feel so normal that you won’t even think about them. Exercise ...
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  • How to Talk to Your Doctor About PrEP

    Last week , our blog discussed how the HIV epidemic still continues in the United States to this day. Fortunately, though, significant progress has been made in prevention efforts since the epidemic loomed large in the 1980s. Through HIV education and HIV and STD testing services, many are able to prevent getting HIV or prevent it from spreading throughout the body. PrEP, short for “pre-exposure ...
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  • Why the HIV Epidemic Isn’t Over in the United States

    The human immunodeficiency virus, better known as HIV, is still an ongoing problem around the world, particularly in high-risk communities. This virus leads to AIDS, a disease that is invariably fatal without aggressive treatment. While great strides have been made to eradicate HIV and AIDS, there is still a long way to go before the epidemic ends. This often surprises people, who dismiss HIV as a ...
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  • Why the HPV Vaccine Is Important

    Every year, more than 33,000 people are diagnosed with cancers caused by HPV , most notably cervical cancer. HPV, short for “human papillomavirus,” is a cancer-causing sexually transmitted infection. The vaccine is intended for children under the age of 14, and although it is optional, parents are strongly encouraged to vaccinate their children against HPV. While it’s understandable some parents ...
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  • What You Should Know About Your Family Health History

    Although most know the key to reducing your risk of disease is to eat a healthy diet, get physical exercise, and minimize your alcohol intake, one of the strong influences of getting any given disease is your family health history. Blood relatives share more in common than a similar appearance. While you can clearly see you inherited your mother’s dimples or your father’s blue eyes, there are ...
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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Part 2: I Tested Positive for BRCA. What Now?

    During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Primary Care Associates of Texas is taking a closer look at the BRCA gene mutation that can cause breast cancer. In part 1 of our series (" What Is the Breast Cancer Gene? "), we explained what the gene is, and in the second and final installment of our blog series, we will explain how you can proactively manage your risk of developing breast cancer after ...
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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Part 1: What Is the Breast Cancer Gene?

    During Breast Cancer Awareness Month , we will examine the answer to a common question among women: “What is the breast cancer gene?” To understand what it is, it helps to have some background information about what DNA is, and how genes pass along hereditary information from one generation to the next. What Are Genes? Genes are small sections of the DNA that are the “code” for individual traits, ...
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  • Preparing for Flu Season, Part 2: Myths and Facts About the Flu Shot

    Last week, we discussed why it’s important to be vaccinated against the flu . This week we’ll discuss common myths that float around about the flu shot, and what you can do to be prepared for this year's flu season. There are many falsehoods that circulate about the flu shot, including: MYTH : You can actually get the flu from having the flu shot. FACT: The virus is inactive in the flu vaccine, ...
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  • Preparing for Flu Season, Part 1: Should I Get the Flu Shot?

    Flu season is about to rear its ugly head, starting in October and lasting through the beginning of the spring season. Nearly 1 million Americans were hospitalized over the course of last year’s influenza (“flu”) season, making it more critical than ever to be vaccinated with the flu shot. The flu isn’t just an inconvenient illness – it also caused 80,000 deaths last year. Why it’s Important to be ...
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  • Is Vaping Less Harmful Than Smoking Cigarettes?

    Tobacco companies are well aware that conventional cigarette smoking isn’t as popular as it once was. Enter: the “vape.” While it is well-known that smoking cigarettes harms nearly every bodily organ, and leads to more than 7 million deaths worldwide every year , vaping is still a question mark for many. Is it harmful? Is it safe? Almost everyone is aware that cigarettes are dangerous, as they ...
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  • What Are Healthy Gut Bacteria?

    When you hear the term “bacteria,” you may immediately think it is something to be avoided. Not so fast! Yes, bacteria on the outside of your body should often be avoided, as it can cause serious infections, those found inside the body can actually protect against it. Although bacteria still catches a bad rep, you may not be aware these tiny microbes found in your stomach and intestines can ...
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