5 Signs You Have a Sinus Infection

5 Signs You Have a Sinus Infection

Sinus infectionAre your allergies acting up? Do you feel like you might have a common cold? While you may not be wrong, there’s a chance you might actually be experiencing something more serious if you feel absolutely miserable. You might have what’s known as “sinusitis,” or, as it’s more commonly known, a sinus infection. More than 30 million adults are diagnosed with this condition every year, and many are surprised to learn they have it when they believed it to be nothing more than a regular illness. Here are five signs you can use to identify a sinus infection.

Head Pain

Infected sinuses can cause pressure or pain throughout your head, including places like your upper jaw, between the eyes, your teeth, your forehead, and even your neck. Where you experience this pain will depend on which pair of sinuses are infected. If you are feeling strong pains in any or multiple of these areas, odds are your cold is actually a sinus infection.

Nasal Discharge

Everyone knows your nose gets runny and you develop a cough when you have a common cold, but a sinus infection is a little different. When your sinuses are infected, your nasal discharge becomes extremely thick and colorful, including being white, yellow, or green. It could also have traces of blood in it as well. It’s this same mucus that drips down your throat, making it sore and giving you the cough and hoarse sounding voice that are often associated with severe colds.


Inflamed sinuses wreak havoc on your ability to breathe through your nose. This has a number of effects on your body, including limiting your ability to smell or taste as you normally would. You may find you have to breathe through your mouth constantly, and you’ll likely snore heavily when sleeping, even if you don’t normally do so.


When your sinuses are infected, your body will feel tired and achy as it dedicates much of its energy to combatting the sickness. You’ll need to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids to help you combat the symptoms and recover more quickly.

Long-Lasting Symptoms

A typical cold usually lasts anywhere from a week to about 10 days maximum. If you’ve had what feels like a cold for 2 weeks or more, odds are you’re actually dealing with a more serious sinus infection and you should see a doctor to find out about obtaining a more rigorous treatment.

Chronic Sinusitis

A single sinus infection can leave symptoms for up to 4 weeks at a time. However, those who suffer from chronic or subacute sinusitis can be forced to deal with the symptoms for 3 months or longer, sometimes with the conditions even lasting years. In these instances, you may need to see a specialist about obtaining a unique treatment designed to combat the symptoms you are facing. Talk to a Fort Worth doctor today to learn more about your options.

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