"Healthy" Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

"Healthy" Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

We all want to be healthier and live well, which is why so many of us try to stay up to date with health trends as part of a conscious effort to consume foods that support our overall wellbeing. However, not everything that seems healthy actually is healthy. In fact, plenty of foods you might think are good for you might be doing your body a disservice.

Here is a list of some foods many consider healthy that should be eliminated from your diet or limited to small amounts:

  1. Granola: The problem with granola is that most of what you find in supermarkets are made using butter, vegetable oil, and vast quantities of white sugar. Granola is also packed with calories and much of what is available on the market has up to 400 calories per cup, before adding any milk or fruit.
  2. Gluten Free: If you are suffering from celiac or have a sensitivity to gluten, gluten-free foods are a lifesaver, but they are not necessarily amazing for your health. More often than not, the flours that are being used instead of wheat pack more calories and carbs than products containing gluten.
  3. Veggie Chips: Vegetables are great for you, but veggie chips are not. It is safe to assume that anything that comes in chip form is not good for your health. Veggie chips are typically deep-fried and packed with salt.
  4. Canned Soup: Soup often sounds like a great option for a healthy diet and many brands often claim to be a good option for those who are trying to work toward weight loss goals, but they are far from healthy. Canned soups are often loaded with sugar and sodium. Some studies even link them to an increased risk of obesity.
  5. Green Juice: Juicing is one of those health trends that is simply terrible for your body. Your vegetable and fruit concoction might seem super healthy, but all the fruit that you need to sweeten the vegetables contain a lot of sugar.
  6. Dried Fruit: If you are going to eat fruit, eat fresh fruit. Commercially prepared dried fruits are usually coated with added sugar and preserved using sulfites. Even if you manage to buy dried fruit that is not coated with these preservatives, it is still not wise to eat dried fruit. Why? We eat with our eyes. For example, a dried apricot is only a fraction of the size of a fresh apricot, so you are likely to eat more, which means more calories and more sugar.

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