Dry Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Dry Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Most people have experienced dry eyes at one time or another. Some experience dry eyes after staring at a computer screen for long hours, while others burn the midnight oil and start to feel the discomfort. While dry eyes aren’t usually a cause for concern, it can make things difficult. For example, those who suffer from dry eyes might have light sensitivity and have trouble driving at night. Others experience burning and stinging sensations.

Dry eyes are usually caused when your body produces less tears, the chemical composition of your tears changes, or your tears evaporate more quickly. Less tear production can happen as people age, but other times the condition might be caused by some medications. Others might experience the sensation because of some diseases, such as diabetes millitus. The disease most connected with dry eyes and dry mouth is Sjogren’s syndrome.

The best way to know the cause of your symptoms is to see a physician. However, before doing so, you could try considering any environmental factors that could be causing your dry eyes. Are you drinking less water, getting less sleep, or taking a new medication? Next, consider using an eye lubricant to see if it helps restore your natural tears.

If simple remedies don’t help, visit your primary care clinician or ophthalmologist. He or she can test you for any disorders that could be causing the problem. Dry eyes are incredibly common, but if they are giving you difficulties, consult one of our skilled Fort Worth doctors about your issues. Primary Care Associates of Texas is dedicated to providing the utmost in medical care services to our patients. Let us see how we can improve your health.

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