Everything You Need to Know About Your Well Woman Exam

Everything You Need to Know About Your Well Woman Exam

A well woman exam is an annual checkup recommended for women ages 21 and older. This exam is actually a series of exams intended to evaluate female patients for things like breast cancer, gynecological problems, and other reproductive issues, all of which can become far worse if not detected early on. These evaluations typically involve physical examinations of the pelvis and breasts.

The physician performing your annual lady checkup will also ask you questions about your lifestyle and habits, including smoking, drinking, exercise, menstruation, sexual activity, and more. It typically involves a Pap smear, HPV test, and/or mammogram.

Why Do I Need to Have a Well Woman Exam?

Well woman exams are vital for all adult women, because they provide patients with 3 important opportunities:

  1. The opportunity to talk about your lifestyle, habits, and potentially harmful behaviors with your physician and discuss necessary lifestyle changes
  2. The opportunity to detect any potential signs of cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, gynecological problems, and more
  3. The opportunity to talk to their doctor about child-bearing, pregnancy, and birth control before their circumstances demand it

Meeting with your primary care doctor to talk about your reproductive health, breast health, diet, habits, and all other aspects of your health is vital to your well-being as a woman, and it is essential to remaining happy and health for years to come.

Primary Care Doctor in Fort Worth, TX

At Primary Care Associates of Texas, we are pro-woman all the way. We are here to help safeguard your health by providing attentive screenings and examinations to ensure no serious problems go undetected. It is our mission to make sure you are always cared for and given the kind of focused, personalized medical care you need.

Call to make us your Fort Worth primary care doctors and schedule your annual well-woman checkup today. You can also book your appointment online.

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