Common Medication Mistakes Older Adults Make

Common Medication Mistakes Older Adults Make

Your Aging Loved One May Be at Risk of Committing Serious Medication Errors

Caring for an older family member presents myriad challenges and variables to keep track of, especially when it comes to medications.

As most adults age, they tend to develop varying health problems and accumulate various prescriptions along the way. This creates a dangerous combination when paired with deteriorating memory and cognition, which are unavoidable in most cases. However, you may be able to help your loved one avoid medication mistakes by understanding the most common slip-ups and how to avoid them.

Here’s what you can do to help your loved one steer clear of these dangerous medication errors:

  • Confusing medications: Senior adults often confuse medications with others that have similar names or packaging, causing them to take the wrong medication.
  • Double dosing: When your loved one’s memory fails, they may forget they’ve already taken the prescribed dose of a certain medication and proceed to take more. This can be deadly if they are taking blood-thinners, benzodiazepines, and over-the-counter medications like antihistamines and sleeping pills.
  • Insufficient dosing: In addition to running the risk of over-medication themselves, your loved one may also be susceptible to under-medication. Failure to dose as prescribed can leave your loved one with uncomfortable symptoms and cause them to suffer the damaging effects of the condition their medication is intended to treat.]
  • Accidentally creating negative interactions: Your loved one may forget or simply not be aware of the possible interactions their medications may have with one another or with certain foods or alcohol.

There are a number of other possible medication errors, most of which can be avoided through proper supervision and medication organization strategies. However, keeping track of all your loved one’s prescriptions and over-the-counter treatments is a lot to handle by yourself—but you aren’t alone.

Our Fort Worth Primary Care Doctors May Be Able to Help Your Loved One with Medication Management

At Primary Care Associates of Texas, we understand the challenges you and your aging loved one are facing. We can provide you with compassionate, knowledgeable support as you seek to care for your parent, grandparent, or other relative as they grow older, and we can help you adapt and implement new strategies as their needs develop. Make us your go-to care provider for medication management.

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