Pro Tips for Losing Weight with Type 1 Diabetes

Pro Tips for Losing Weight with Type 1 Diabetes

How Do I Lose Weight with T1 Diabetes?

Before reading any further, know that you should always consult a doctor before trying a new method of weight loss, especially with a serious condition like type 1 diabetes or any other form of insulin-dependent diabetes. Living with diabetes is very challenging and complex, and involving an experienced disease management physician is essential to your overall health and the success of your weight loss plan.

Things to Consider When Creating a Weight Loss Plan

When seeking to lose or manage your weight, T1 patients should consider the following:

  • Diet: Not just any diet will do. People with type 1 diabetes must strike a more delicate balance in terms of energy intake and appropriate nutrition. T1 patients must pay close attention to carbs, lean protein, and glycemic levels in order to create a diet that will help rather than hurt.
  • Comorbidities: Type 1 diabetes and excess fat tend to produce a number of other health complications, such as heart disease. This can make healthy exercise more challenging, but working with a physician can help you find solutions that will work for you and help you get down to a weight you are happy with, while preserving your longevity and well-being.
  • Hypoglycemia: Adults with type 1 diabetes tend to be far less physically active than the average person, in part due to severe low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). There are methods of avoiding hypoglycemia that can actually lead to greater weight gain. This can serve as both a physical and psychological deterrent for people seeking to lose weight, but it can be prevented if approached strategically and with the help of a doctor who is experienced in weight loss and diabetes management.

Our Doctors in Fort Worth Can Help You Lose Weight While Safely Managing T1 Diabetes

Losing weight with type 1 diabetes is challenging—but it’s not impossible. Don’t let the complexities of diabetes keep you from living the happy, healthy life you want. With the help of our team at Primary Care Associates of Texas, you can take your life back into your own hands and get down to a healthy body weight without jeopardizing your health.

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