Tips for Parenting Children with Type I Diabetes

Tips for Parenting Children with Type I Diabetes

How Type 1 Diabetes Impacts Parents & Families

If you have a child with Type 1 diabetes (T1D), you know how all-consuming it can be to manage their health, diet, insulin levels, etc. Many parents who are tasked with caring for children with T1D live in perpetual fear of their child experiencing a seizure, falling into a coma, or having an episode of hypoglycemia. T1D parents with small children face an even more daunting task, at least until their children are old enough to count their own carbs and perform their own injections.

Help for Parents with Diabetic Children

Here are a few things you must do when learning to care for a child with T1D:

  • Plan ahead. Being prepared and equipped for each day has a way of putting your mind at ease. Always be sure to carry a notebook for counting carbohydrates and information regarding the levels and types of carbohydrates in foods you may encounter at certain restaurants or events. Also be sure to keep necessary medications stocked up and all your prescriptions up-to-date in order to avoid being put in a tight spot.
  • Create an emergency plan. Do you know what to do in the event your child experiences a life-threatening decrease in blood glucose? Do your child’s teachers, babysitters, coaches, etc. know how to respond if your child shows signs of fatigue? Be sure to discuss points of action with all those tasked with looking after your child and make sure your child has a medical ID necklace or wristband, an emergency supply of glucagon and insulin, and snacks containing carbohydrates in order to remedy low blood sugar.
  • Get acquainted with the latest technology. The technology available for treating diabetes is always developing and changing. It may be beneficial for you and your family to find glucose meters, insulin pumps, and other diabetic monitoring tools that work for your routine.
  • Find a doctor you trust. Getting medical support from an experienced primary care doctor can make a world of difference, especially if your doctor is accessible and understands your child’s specific needs.

Primary Care & Disease Management for Families in North Texas

At Primary Care Associates of Texas, we serve families who need help managing T1D in children. We provide primary care and disease management for families in Fort Worth, Flower Mound, Burleson, Fort Worth-Alliance, Irving, and the surrounding areas. Allow us to be your trusted care provider and your support as you seek to help your child manage their diabetes and remain healthy for years to come.

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