Do I Really Need a Primary Care Doctor?

Do I Really Need a Primary Care Doctor?

3 Reasons to See a Primary Care Physician on a Regular Basis

Recent reports reveal that approximately 25% of millennials in the United States do not have a primary care doctor. However, it is much more challenging to navigate your ever-developing health and any issues that may arise if you don’t have a primary physician with whom you consult on a regular basis.

Here are the top 3 reasons everyone should have a primary care physician:

  • A primary care doctor can help you navigate the healthcare world: If you are experiencing a cluster of symptoms or a new health issue, you may not be sure what sort of specialist to see or what sort of treatment to try first. However, a primary care doctor can always refer you to the right source. This can save you much time and energy and prevent you from having to bounce from specialist to specialist in search of answers, as much as it can be avoided.
  • A primary care doctor can help you make sure you’re healthy at every phase of life: Many women are unsure how to handle the challenges of menopause when it hits. Many men are in the dark regarding the impact of changing testosterone levels and how often they should receive prostate exams. Very few parents have the answers to all the health questions that arise when rearing young children. However, a primary physician will be able to advise you and prepare you for every phase of life, including aging, parenting, and more.
  • A primary care doctor will be able to help you track your health on an annual basis: If you’re not currently experiencing any problems, this may not sound particularly important. However, by visiting a primary care provider every few months and receiving an annual physical, you give your doctor a more accurate understanding of your baseline health, which makes them more likely to pick up on problems and changes as they arise. This positions you to identify and combat health issues early on, which can increase your lifespan and reduce your overall medical costs in the long term.

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