Blog Posts in October, 2019

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Part 2: I Tested Positive for BRCA. What Now?

    During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Primary Care Associates of Texas is taking a closer look at the BRCA gene mutation that can cause breast cancer. In part 1 of our series (" What Is the Breast Cancer Gene? "), we explained what the gene is, and in the second and final installment of our blog series, we will explain how you can proactively manage your risk of developing breast cancer after ...
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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Part 1: What Is the Breast Cancer Gene?

    During Breast Cancer Awareness Month , we will examine the answer to a common question among women: “What is the breast cancer gene?” To understand what it is, it helps to have some background information about what DNA is, and how genes pass along hereditary information from one generation to the next. What Are Genes? Genes are small sections of the DNA that are the “code” for individual traits, ...
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