Preparing for Flu Season, Part 2: Myths and Facts About the Flu Shot

Preparing for Flu Season, Part 2: Myths and Facts About the Flu Shot

Last week, we discussed why it’s important to be vaccinated against the flu. This week we’ll discuss common myths that float around about the flu shot, and what you can do to be prepared for this year's flu season.

There are many falsehoods that circulate about the flu shot, including:

  1. MYTH: You can actually get the flu from having the flu shot.

FACT: The virus is inactive in the flu vaccine, meaning it can’t transmit infection. Those who get the flu after getting the flu shot were often going to get sick, anyway, or they contracted the flu before the vaccine had time to afford protection (it takes about a week or two for protection).

  1. MYTH: The flu shot isn’t necessary every year.

FACT: Because the flu strains are different from year to year, and the body’s immune response from vaccination declines with time, an annual flu shot is recommended for the best protection against the virus.

  1. MYTH: If you’re healthy, you won’t get the flu.

If you have a chronic illness, it’s important to get the flu shot, but even healthy individuals are at risk for the flu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends yearly vaccinations for anyone 6 months of age and older, including pregnant women.

  1. MYTH The flu is just a bad cold.

FACT: Although there is overlap between the flu and a bad cold, the flu can kill, and a cold almost never does unless the individual is severely immuno-compromised. The flu leads to 200,000 hospitalizations every year, and tens of thousands of people die from the flu every year.

  1. MYTH: Getting the flu shot is all you need to do to protect yourself against the flu.

FACT: You can protect yourself against the flu in other ways, as the flu shot is not 100% effective. You can protect yourself by avoiding contact with people who have the virus, practicing good hygiene (including regular handwashing) and taking anti-viral medication if you were exposed to the flu before you got the shot.

Get the Flu Shot ASAP

Medical myths can get in the way of effective medical care. You may think the flu shot is just an option that you have, and you’ll roll the dice that you won’t get sick. Don’t be left out. Get vaccinated and be protected against this disabling virus.

For protection against the flu, please contact us today to get the flu shot. Call to book your appointment!


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