Daily Things to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Daily Things to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Your child isn’t going to think too much about their health, so it’s up to you to look after it for them. By implementing healthy habits into their daily routine, you’ll make it easier for your children to live well and carry those habits into adulthood.

Keep These Tips in Mind

Keeping your kids healthy doesn’t have to take a lot of time out of your day. There are many small things you can do that will encourage your kids to take better care of themselves.

Have Healthy Snacks Readily Available

If your child likes to snack after school, make sure you have healthy options ready for them. Put out chopped vegetables with dip, fresh vegetables, granola, low-fat milk, water, or other healthy items that your kids like. It’s helpful to have these out and ready for them as soon as they get home from school. It’s easier to convince them to choose the healthy option when they’re hungry and it’s right in front of them.

Encourage Physical Activity

Be supportive any time your child expresses interest in playing outside or joining a sports team. If your child doesn’t have much interest in these activities, don’t try and force it. Help them explore new activities they might have more interest in and make sure they stick to their commitments.

Hygiene & Hand Washing

It’s important that kids learn the importance of hygiene and handwashing at an early age. Make sure your child washes their hands before every meal, after playing outside, and after playing with other kids. If you’re having a hard time, try buying kid-friendly soap dispensers that will make it more fun for them.

Kids sneeze and cough a lot. Make sure they’re always covering their mouth with a tissue or, if none are available, sneezing into their arm. Remind them to wash their hands afterward.

Set a Designated Bedtime

Sleep is important for health, and kids need plenty of it. Make sure they have a set bedtime every night so that they get at least 8 hours of sleep. Your child may not go to sleep as soon as they go to bed, so put in some buffer time to account for the time from when they go to bed to when they fall asleep.

Keep Backpacks Light

The academic demands on kids are growing, and that means they’re stuffing more books into their backpacks. Carrying around a heavy bag all day can affect their posture and cause back pain. Make sure your child isn’t carrying too much at once. Consider contacting the school if they consistently have to carry heavy loads to class every day.

Live By Example

Maintaining your own healthy habits will help your kids stick to theirs. Eat healthy snacks, go to bed at a good time, don’t smoke, and limit alcohol consumption. Kids don’t always listen, but they do pay attention to what their parents do. Seeing you live a healthy life will encourage them to do the same.

Want more tips on how to keep your child healthy? Contact Primary Care of Texas today for an appointment with an experienced pediatrician.


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