Blog Posts in 2021

  • Why Heart Disease Is the #1 Killer in America

    February is American Heart Month , and a good time to look at your own heart health. Why? Because the number one cause of death in Americans is not cancer, lung disease, accidents, or Alzheimer’s disease: It’s heart disease. It’s a so-called silent killer, because many who have it are completely unaware. Also called cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) disease, heart disease isn’t just a ...
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  • Am I Allowed to Skip the Scale at the Doctor’s Office?

    For many, the biggest fear of seeing your doctor is stepping on the scale and having their weight announced. Research shows this fear can be so intense that many would-be patients will forego seeing their doctor altogether because they don’t want to be weighed. Because of this, patients may skip important health screenings, such as mammograms, prostate exams, pap tests, or colonoscopies. This, ...
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  • How to Cope with COVID-19 Quarantine Fatigue

    As the COVID-19 pandemic has led to coming up on a year of quarantine and strict social distancing guidelines, it’s normal for people to hit a wall from the physical and emotional toll of what has been coined “quarantine fatigue.” Many feel a growing sense of a lack of personal productivity, repetitive days and nights, and a loss of enjoyment of the things they once enjoyed with the variety of ...
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