Swapna Vattikuti, M.D

Dr Swapna Vattikuti completed her medical schooling at Andhra medical college, India in 2003. She worked as Senior House Officer in surgical division at Hull and East Yorkshire hospitals, United kingdom. She then moved to United States to pursue her carrier. She completed her board certified internal medicine training at St Luke’s hospital, St Louis University in 2010. During her residency training she did research in vitamin D deficiency, genetic polymorphisms, estrogen metabolism affecting musculoskeletal and body composition changes in breast cancer and post menopausal women. After her training she worked as internist in hospital medicine for six years at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pennsylvania. During this period she had hands on experience in treating from simple cases to complicated ones as acute illness in transplant patients, cirrhotics, drug addiction and many more. While practicing hospital medicine she felt many times prevention is better than cure. With that intention she transitioned to primary care.
Dr Vattikuti main interest is in women health, preventive medicine and diabetes care. She thinks that primary care is the only field where you treat the whole patient. She feels that primary-care physicians remain the most trusted source of health information for their patients. Long-term patient-physician relationships can make your practice feel like a community. During her free time she loves to travel with her husband and two daughters. She loves to bake with her daughters. She strongly believes in the notion ” A good physician treats the disease . A great physician treats the patient who has the disease ” . She is currently welcoming new patients and accepts most insurance plans.


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