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Dr. Omesh Singh
I met Dr. Singh at Centre for Nuero Skills after I had a stroke in January 2019. He was caring and listened to me as his patient. When I was released from CNS I wanted Dr. Singh to continue being my PCP. I was also overweight and severely depressed. Dr. Singh made some recommendations for me to get my weight down and bariatric surgery was suggested. I had the bariatric surgery in November 2019 and I am down 90 pounds. My self esteem has improved and some of the meds I was on I no longer have to take them because of the weight loss. In April 2020 I went to visit my Dad and brother in Illinois and got very ill while I was there. I went to the E.R. (Riverside Medical Center) and they did nothing for me except send my back to my brothers home with a fever of 102.7. This is the sickest I’ve ever felt before in my life. I contacted Dr. Singh via duo video and he saw and heard my shallow breathing, coughing, shortness of breath and asked me of other symptoms. He suspected I had contracted Covid 19. He prescribed meds at the nearest pharmacy and my brother went and picked them up. After a week I was feeling better. Dr. Singh called me and checked on me very frequently to see how I was progressing. When I was well enough to travel I came home. Dr. Singh ordered blood work for me. He then confirmed I had been infected with covid 19. Dr. Singh listened to his patient and he takes what he does very seriously. I truly thank him because he saved my life. I’m so happy God has put Dr. Singh in this position and he was there right on time when I needed him. It pays to develop a one on one great Dr. and patient relationship. I’m so happy that Dr. Omesh Singh is my PCP. He goes above and beyond for his patients!! Thank you so much Dr. Singh.

Tonya Baron

Carrollton, TX

I’m so glad to know that we are all in such good hands. now that you are in our lives. You seem to take away all our worries. you are great!
Dr. Vattikuti, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have been doing to help myself but most of all my family. There is no word, for what you have done to make sure that we all get better and have our lives back. I’m so grateful for all your work and energy you have put in on my family and people that truly are my WORLD! I’m so glad to know that we are all in such good hands. now that you are in our lives. You seem to take away all our worries. you are great! Thank you again for being our doctor! Your staff has been wonderful too! Know that you all are a great team! Happy for all the care!

Tina C.

Thank you NP, Diana Dang
Thank you so much for always taking such great care of us. You are caring, kind, knowledgeable, and a great NP. We always feel confident with your health decision your make for Dave and I. God Bless you! Stay safe & we will see you soon!
Thank You Dr. Vattikuti
Dear Primary Care Associates of Texas,

Myself Ektaben Agrawal and I would like to thank you for providing me service during this critical time. I am with your associate’s since 2016 at your NRH location, and Dr. Swapna Vattikuti is my primary care physician. At your NRH location, we never had to worry about your follow up visit calls and I was very well taken care of by your front lin WARRIORS and Dr. Vattikuti. When you moved your office from NRH to Fort Worth Alliance Center, I was a little upset thinking will I be getting same treatment at new location? I would proudly say that Primary Care Associates of Texas at the new location has the same standard and well-expected satisfaction just like I did at NRH location. In fact, the new location is more accurate at checking in, no wait time and prescription, blood work, and everything are at its best.

Today I called your office for follow up visit and your staff booked me to have distance telephonic visit with Dr. Vattikuti. I was very well taken care by Dr. Vattikuti and her staff. Your service during this critical time is highly appreciated.

Once again, I thank you and Dr. Vattikuti for being my primary physician.

Ektaben A.

Wonderful doctor
Wonderful doctor Great bedside manner always answers questions always listens to concerns and is always there when I need her Dr. Gray is absolutely wonderful and so is her staff



I’m so glad I found Dr Singh
I started going to Dr Singh about 6 months ago. He has helped me so much. I was on about 10 different meds a day. He looked at my charts saw I really didn’t need all that and got me off all but 1 blood pressure medicine. He did allergy testing and I was surprised at what I was allergic too. I now take allergy shots,am only on 1 medicine and feel better than I have in years. I owe it to him and his staff. They are really great. I would recommend him any day.

Jan Edwards


I am glad to find a doctor and a friend In Dr. Swapna Vattikuti ​
I met Dr. Vatticuti after being frustrated by my last PCP who in my opinion had a horrible practice. She is homily,knowledgeable, sensitive and quite informative.Her expertise and willingness to listen and discuss in unmatched as she is never in a hurry to dismiss you and go to the next client. Her office staff is very courteous and professional and are ever ready to attend to your needs . She is very caring and will readily reach back to you should you need her. Her readiness to help with referrals is unmatched and I strongly recommend her to any patient that is seeking a true professional.

Obianuju Anyaike-UGWA

Garland, TX

I’m so thankful that I found Dr. Vattikuti and staff. She is far beyond this best doctor I’ve seen. Ive never seen a doctor and staff (the office manager Toni is the best!) that has worked so hard to help me woth my health issues and deal with my insurance company. I feel so happy and relieved that I found her and her staff.Thank you!

Stefanie Simpson

Fort Worth,TX

To Dr. Swapna Vattikuti and staff
I wish to express my gratitude for the great care and professional wisdom.

At our family annual physicals, you guided us very well on our regular exercise and nutrition. Your guidance helped us a lot and we see great improvement in our health.

The guidance you have given me regarding the issue I faced with my belly button discharge with extreme care was amazing. I appreciate you for being patient with me and making me mentally strong when I was so panic.

During my pregnancy you were very supportive when I had respiratory issues and Hemorrhoids. I still remember that you followed up on my condition to make sure everything is cured by the time of my delivery.

Just want to write a note about your office staff. I have never experienced such a warm, professional and caring staff.

Very truly yours,

Sri Lakshmi G.