Our Services

Our Medical Services
Primary Care Associates of Texas is dedicated to providing the utmost in medical care services to our patients. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive care plan that fits all of your unique needs. Our doctors approach your health care from every angle, making sure that all aspects of your wellbeing are fully attended to. Primary Care Associates of Texas physicians are all board certified in internal medicine, making them qualified and committed to providing quality healthcare for you and your family.
Giving You Comprehensive Medical Care
Our wellness care process is much more than just a standard visit and checkup. We believe in the importance of having an established primary care physician. When you have a doctor who personally knows you and understands your specific healthcare needs, you have the foundation for good health. During our wellness care appointments, we can provide you with all the healthcare screening tools, including blood tests and annual wellness checkups. We can also help you adjust habits to ensure that you are eating nutritiously and getting the proper amount of exercise.
Our doctors are also here to help you manage your medication. It is critical to ensure that you are taking all the correct types of medication and that they are working at the optimum level. With your doctor consistently monitoring the relationship between your health and medication, you can be sure that you are well taken care of. We are also here to help you combat disease and acute health issues as needed. In addition, we also offer assistance with weight loss.