Medication Management

Primary Care Physicians Helping You Manage Your Medications
At our Fort Worth primary care facility, our staff’s ever-expanding knowledge in the medical field results in new medications being produced every single day. These medical advances have resulted in an increased quality of life for numerous individuals; however, medications carry several safety hazards, especially if you are taking multiple medications at once. Furthermore, the benefits of some medications can be difficult to weigh, especially in the realm of complex diseases.
That is why you need Fort Worth’s Primary Care Associates of Texas to help you manage your medications through informed service from a staff of highly skilled and experienced primary care physicians. When you visit us, we take the time to understand your situation, look at the facts, and provide you with accurate information on the uses and benefits of your medications.
Our medication management services include:

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Can Taking Multiple Medications Damage my Health?
Taking multiple medications is known as polypharmacy and can have severe and permanent consequences if not done properly. However, when you visit one of our locations, each Fort Worth doctor has the expertise to provide resourceful advice that helps to manage your medications and avoid any potential problems.
Here at Primary Care Associates of Texas, we genuinely care for our patients. We emphasize a friendly and courteous environment that helps anyone to ask questions and get the information and care that they need. Every patient is unique; so when you visit one of our locations, you can be sure to receive the individualized attention necessary to provide the best quality of health care possible. We offer same day appointments, and in addition to Medicare and Medicaid, we also accept many HPO/PPO insurances.