At Primary Care Associates of Texas, we take a personal approach to healthcare, developing strong bonds and trust between doctors and patients. We focus on addressing our patients’ wellbeing holistically, ensuring that every aspect is well taken care of. Primary Care Associates of Texas’s medical assistants have been cross trained to perform administrative and clinical duties to assist the physician and help the practice operate more smoothly. With this team of highly skilled doctors and medical assistants, you and your family are undoubtedly in good hands.
From the moment you enter our waiting room, you will be given the friendly, individualized attention that you deserve. With modern facilities and a dedicated team of doctors, we are fully committed to your health and well-being. We are prepared and happy to take the extra time to get to know you and create a custom healthcare plan that totally suits all of your needs. Our Burleson primary care facility takes most types of insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare, and many HMOs and PPOs.
Our patients are given access to cutting-edge technology via our Patient Portal. Here, you can connect directly to our staff, giving you the ability to send messages and communicate instantly with us. You also have access to medical and financial records, and you can receive lab results instantly. The Portal gives patients the ability schedule, change, and cancel appointments. Much of the time, we are able to schedule same day appointments.
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Office Hours: Monday thru Friday – 8 am to 5 pm

Omesh Singh, DO, FACOI

Burleson Primary Care Physician

Dr. Singh was born and raised in Arlington, Texas where he realized from an early age that he wanted to be a physician. This desire took him to the University of Texas at Austin where he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Biology and became an emergency medical technician during his transition to medical school.
Dr. Singh attended the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Florida where he realized that his true calling was in internal medicine. He enjoyed the challenges and diversity he met through connecting with patients from all walks of life. He quickly discovered his bedside manner and his ability to tap into the potentials of his patients, helping them to reinvigorate better health and better outlooks despite their ailments.
This Texan realized that he needed to come back home to Fort Worth to further his training, and he successfully completed his residency in internal medicine at Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth. During residency, Dr. Singh enjoyed educating his patients about their various health conditions and was repeatedly recognized for his unique humanistic approach to medicine. He continuously brings ease to his patients and their families.
Dr. Singh has been identified as innovative in his approach to medicine where he incorporates a holistic avenue of how diet, exercise and daily activities can affect disease processes. He has particular interests in hypertension, diabetes, preventative medicine, and weight loss.

A Passion for Helping Others

He is very passionate about community service and participates in an annual medical mission trip. His most recent was a visit to the southern coast of Jamaica, where he and his team of 14 medical students and nurses cared for the Jamaica’s indigent.
Dr. Singh enjoys a balanced life with exercise, traveling, cooking various cuisines, music, religion, sports, and spending time with his loved ones.
“Our health is affected by so many things in our environment: what we eat, how much we move, and the activities we do every day. I have a commitment to my patients and their families to become their guide and support as they achieve their optimum health while facing various ailments. After all, it’s much easier to face health adversity as part of a team. Knowing you have dependability and accountability helps ease the disease burden. This is my commitment, so allow me to guide and support you on this journey to well-being.”
-Dr. Omesh Singh